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Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Our Team.

Firefly was designed by two friends who are travel nurses that recognized the lack of safe, efficient, and affordable vein lights in ERs across the country. This often leads to delays in care due to unsuccessful IV attempts resulting in multiple needle sticks on newborns and infants. After countless hours of brainstorming, designing, and testing, Adam and Evan are excited to present Firefly Vein Light.

Marble Surface

Adam Banuelos


CEO & Co-Founder

Oceanside, CA

     Adam served 5 years active duty in the United States Marine Corps before studying business marketing. He later left the marketing world to pursue his 2nd degree in nursing. He has been a nurse over 4 years and specializes in pediatric ER. As a travel nurse he works in both adult and pediatric ER. In his free time he travels the world in search of new waves to surf and rocks to climb. 

Evan Sommer



Phoenix, AZ

     Evan was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone when he realized that he wanted to pursue a career as a Nurse. After graduating from John Hopkins University, he worked in the pediatric ER for 2 years and has now been a travel nurse for 4 more. Covid precipitated a transition to also working in the adult ER. Between shifts, Evan can be found snowboarding, running, or surfing. 


Allie P.


Event Rep

Memphis, TN

Allie has been a pediatric ED nurse for 6 years. She has been a travel nurse for 1.5 years in both the adult and pediatric ED. She is an avid lover of the outdoors and spends most of her free time skiing, backpacking, and paddle boarding. 


Tommee Leah D.


Event Rep

Albuquerque, NM

Tommee Leah has been a nurse for 7+ years. Starting in an adult cardiac setting, she now works primarily in pediatric ER with some adult patients sprinkled in. She moves often for her husband's work, so she has worked in numerous states and hospitals. On her free time, she likes off-roading, running, checking out new breweries, or just hanging out with her dog, Brodee, her husband and friends!


Rachel H.


Event Rep

Genevia, Il

 Rachel is from the suburbs of Chicago and loves the big city! She enjoys trying new foods, restaurants, staying active, and has always had a passion for health and nutrition. She has been a pediatric nurse for 6 years. As a travel nurse she enjoys the ability to visit and explore other parts of the U.S. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family as well as meeting new people. 

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