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The Firefly Vein Light® was created by two traveling pediatric ER nuses. The Firefly Vein Light® was specifically designed small enough for medical staff to carry it on their ID badges. We are proud to introduce the Firefly Vein Light® Model 2.0*.




One badge buddy that has a pediatric vital sign reference, pediatric assessment triangle, and the QR code to our step by step page on our website.


One USB-C charging cord.


Product specs:


USB-C rechargabe vein light.


4 lumen settings with FCC certified LED lights: 7, 14, 22, and 29 lumens.


Safe to wipe clean between uses with common hospital based wipes.


Internal thermal sensor to automatically deactivates device if internal heat is produced to prevent harm to the patient.


Dimensions: 2.5x1x5/8 inches.


Studded surface to create tractions during use. (Patent pending design)


ID badge loop. (Patent pending design)


Firefly Vein Light® Model 2.0* is proudly engineered, manufactured, assembled and distributed in the USA with some certified foreign parts.


For bulk orders please contact us via email or through our "Contact" page to request bulk orders.

Firefly Vein Light® Model 2.0*

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